How is your computer doing? Do you know?

How old is your computer? How full is the hard drive? Is the hard drive failing? Is the computer infected with malware? What is being backed-up? Where are the backups stored? Are the backups current?

A good technician can answer all these questions in a 5 or 10 minutes at the computer by looking in various places and noting the results, but Lookout finds and reports your computer health parameters, once an hour.

Lookout is a tiny and lightweight program that runs on your Mac or PC. It is a script  that finds and reports important computer health measurements. It’s like having a  guardian looking after your computer continuously.

An unexpected bad surprise with a computer can cost a lot of money. For less than the cost of a single hour of technician time, you get a year of Lookout.

Lookout can save you a lot of money by finding and reporting problems as soon as they occur.

Ask us to install Lookout on your Mac or PC.